Las Vegas, NV


Ever feel like you’re being taken advantage of? Like nobody ever thinks about whether you have the capacity to do what they’re asking of you? Or maybe there are certain people you like doing things for, so you say yes even when it’s not convenient. But then later, you resent them, and wish they’d just leave you alone?

Have you ever said yes to something you didn’t want to do, only to feel resentful later?

If any of the above resonates, this experience is for you.

August 20, 2022


When we say yes without thinking about our needs, we end up feeling resentful or even angry. We might have a hard time sleeping at night. We might end up dreading the coming week because we know it will be filled with other people’s demands. That’s what happens when we don’t set healthy boundaries.

In my coaching practice, I often see people who don’t have boundaries. Some of them feel taken advantage of, some of them are at risk of burn out, most of them feel walked all over.

So many of us have had to learn about boundaries on our own, because we didn’t have role models who showed us what healthy boundaries actually look like. We’ve taken cues from parents and teachers who taught us to be people pleasers and overextend ourselves for others.
And then we wonder why we feel drained and resentful!

But setting boundaries doesn’t mean being an asshole. In fact, it’s the opposite—it means taking care of ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves in every situation.
When you set a boundary, you aren’t giving up your empathy or your kindness towards others; you’re just making sure that you’re caring for yourself first.

In this immersive 4-hour journey into boundaries we will be looking at all of these areas and you will leave feeling safer to set your boundaries, empowered and confident in holding them and excited to spread the word about these mystical things called boundaries!




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