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Join me and my community as we work together on a content creation exercise. For 30 days, expect to:

Post every day
Meet weekly via Zoom for content group creation sessions
Hear weekly from guest speakers (who create killer content) as they share tips for creating FIRE content
Option to join me for 5 breathwork sessions

Next challenge begins January 12, 2022



The world needs your magic, it’s time to stop bullshitting….

Are you: Struggling with showing up on social media?
Wanting to Connect to Creating content that lights you up?
Feeling drained by the thought of posting content EVERYDAY?
Wishing you should get past the dread of showing up on social media?

What if it could be fun, ignite your creativity and something you really get excited about?

Join me for a free challenge to show up everyday for 30 days of creating and sharing your content with the world!

I started to deconstruct the stories I was telling myself with my first 30-day challenge in October 2021 where I learned:
Those stories I created were bullshit…
Social media doesn’t have to be draining
I have a ton of ideas/inspo floating around inside of me
There more I create the easier it flows
Shit doesn’t have to be perfect

It also doesn’t have to be a long, emotional, life changing post
People actually like to hear what I have to say?  I got so much great feedback from all of you!

I was a chronic over thinker and realized that it does not serve me anymore
I have a secret superpower called HypnoBreathwork that literally gives me all the answers I need… thats’ the secret sauce to accessing my well of inspiration and it helped me reprogram major patterns of self-sabotage that were at the core of my story telling

I am so excited to continue to deconstruct the stories I used to created for myself… After a conversation with someone else in this same boat,  I decided why not do another challenge and do it with others who are feeling the same way?

This challenge is about learning how to change the narrative you’ve been telling yourself and finding a more empowering one that supports your energy, your creativity, your business and your life.

I see a lot of us out there struggling with showing up consistently and that’s where we are going to start… Lets’ see what’s blocking you, explore
If it is really true, and then find a different perspective that you haven’t tapped into yet so you feel lit up about sharing your magic!
What have you got to lose?

Over the next 30 days, I am here to support you as we:

Post everyday
Meet weekly via zoom for content group creation sessions
Hear weekly from guest speakers (who create killer content) what their tips are on how they create fire content

But wait… There’s MORE!

My girl @nasreen.elizabeth has offered to throw in an insecurities HypnoBreathwork session Thurs, Jan 13th 7pm (EST) to help you identify, release and reprogram the insecurities that have been keeping you from showing up!!!

As one more added bonus*** I want to offer everyone who is ready to join and wants help getting into their creative flow the opportunity to attend my Mid-day Flow Sesh right before the meet-up for a special pricing of $99. How can it get any better than that?

Zoom Meet-up schedule:

Wednesday, Jan 12th 1pm (PST)
Tuesday, Jan 18th 1pm (PST)
Thursday, Jan 27th 1pm (PST)
Wednesday, Feb 2nd 1pm (PST)
Wednesday, Feb 9th 1pm (PST)