During breathwork, we focus on a breathing pattern that helps increase oxygen flow through the body and allows us to enter into an altered state of consciousness (I like to call this a subconscious space, or deep meditative space). The oxygenation of your brain helps shut down your overthinking monkey mind, encourages deep relaxation and inner peace, releases trapped emotions, and promotes healing. This pattern of conscious, connected breathing can improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and may provide you with much-needed clarity. Your breathwork journey is a life-long journey, and it’s not linear. Many times, expectations, people, and life can present as obstacles to show you where work needs to be done. 

3 Things Blocking Your Breathwork Journey  

Having Expectations or Conditions

Rather than coming in with expectations, arrive at each session with an open mind. It is crucial to begin your breathwork journey without conditions or expectations, allowing the effects of breathwork to unfold without being attached to specific results. 

While you can have an intention, don’t try to force anything that isn’t ready. Something else may come up during your session that needs your attention instead. And that’s perfect! You don’t need to guide or control the journey. In fact, it is better just to let go of any resistance, surrender to the breath and allow it to be your guide. 

It may be a big challenge to show up without preconceived notions or conditions because it requires unthinking, which no one has probably ever taught you to do. But embracing this will open the gate to your highest awakening and healing. Remember that all you need to consciously do is breathe during breathwork. That is the key to unlocking what is possible for you on your journey.

Breathing Challenges in the Breathwork Journey

One of the most important aspects of breathwork is proper breathing, and some challenges may arise around the breath when you first get started. Some of the issues that can interfere with your breathwork journey include:

  • not breathing enough
  • taking shallow or very slow breaths
  • breathing too rapidly
  • forcing the exhale

To receive the benefits of increased oxygen, you need to take deep belly breaths. If you are not breathing enough, taking very shallow breaths, or breathing far too slowly throughout the session, this may reduce the positive effects of breathwork. Alternately, if you breathe too rapidly, the pace can become unsustainable for the full length of the breathwork session. This may lessen your ability to stay connected during the course of your experience. 

Forcing the exhale of your breath creates another issue by shortening its length. It is through the long exhale that we symbolically let go of control and release what no longer serves us, so allowing the breath to release just like a balloon filled with air is optimal. Also, pushing out the carbon dioxide (CO2) too quickly can cause a cramping sensation, called tetany, which can take away from your journey.

Since the breathing method used in breathwork is different from the way you’ve been doing it your entire life, it may take a couple of sessions to get comfortable with it. Don’t give up! With practice, you’ll get it. Inhaling consciously during breathwork will allow more oxygen to come into your body, and exhaling correctly can help you release the old attachments, trapped emotions, and stagnant energy buried deep down inside. 

Not Allowing Yourself to Feel All Emotions

If you don’t allow yourself to feel all of the sensations and emotions that may arise during breathwork, you will be diminishing the value of this amazing process. I would encourage you to set aside any resistance or judgment so you can receive breathwork’s healing benefits. By allowing yourself to fully feel everything, no matter how heavy, dark, or sad it may be, you will then have the ability to release it from your body… you have to feel it to heal it. 

Take advantage of the time in each session to listen to what your feelings are telling you throughout your breathwork journey. Tune into your emotions, including the negativity. Accept the painful or negative feelings, then breathe them out and let that shit go! 

Start Breathing, Start Healing 

I have confidence that after reading this post, you will be able to take this information to start your breathwork journey and live your best life using this amazing tool.  If you have yet to experience what breathwork has to offer, join me for a breathwork session and see what your unconscious mind unlocks for you!