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As a life-long hospitality worker, I have enjoyed the freedom and financial returns of a lifestyle many have visited and few escape. I have made my living cocktailing to VIPs in the most exclusive and largest adult entertainment club in the world and had a blast doing it until one day, it wasn’t enough. I knew I was here to do more.

Here’s what I want you to know… Surviving with hurts, habits and hang ups doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Even if you feel like there will be challenges ahead, my world is all about making sure you have easy and simple ways to adopt healthy habits and behaviors that help you learn how to live free from toxic and harmful habits

I’ve been there, I get it.   In 2019 I was living a lifestyle that was burning me out in more ways than one.  Before the pandemic hit, I was working like a maniac with a chaotic schedule as a cocktail waitress, using alcohol to numb and rev myself up for a night of craziness and on my days off I was so tired that I would go on full day bingers because I just felt so tapped out.

Once the pandemic hit, I was forced to stop working.  Night clubs shut down.  My body was on overload, and the first thing I did was take a hard look inward.  Through my own coaches and programs I realized that life didn’t have to continue on the path that I was on.  The old programming of reaching for alcohol for a release didn’t have to continue.  Through breathwork I learned how to calm my nervous system and find REAL PEACE, and on (date….) I decided to lay the bottle down.  Was it easy? HELL NO.  Has it been worth it?  YES.  I just celebrated my 1 year in sobriety and I couldn’t be happier.

Back to you.  How are you handling your roller coaster of emotions? Are you feeling a little turned upside down, nauseous and trying not to run to the bathroom to lose your lunch? (I’ve been there too.)

What I want you to hear is that there is a way for you to love what you do for work and not let it affect other areas of your life. Your days off don’t have to be for recovery from the work week. I know you want to go home to enjoy time with your kids and still have energy for them, or go home and spend time with your partner without being consumed by the drama at work. How about showing up to hang out with your friends and actually being present instead of giving them what’s left over after being sucked dry by energy vampires at work? How life changing would that be?

Don’t worry, there is hope! You can thrive in this industry and have the energy to live a life you love outside of it too… I can help you with that!

I believe we have all the answers we need inside of us and that only you know what is best for you. When you look inside and get crystal clear on what you want, I know anything is possible.

If you‘re ready, you’re tired, you’re over it and looking for a solution now, let’s book a 30-minute Klarity call. In this call, we’re going to talk about what you’re going through, help you get some resolve and klarity with breathwork, and talk about next steps.